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G’day, I am David Inches from Nelson Falls and thanks for visiting TIP #4. Optimising your page copy.

Once you have nailed your page by page keyword plan we have to apply this plan of action to on-page copy. When google crawls your site it starts by searching at the site title, it moves on your different titles on pages, your headings and the body content. 

Given Google systematic order of crawling your articles it’s vital we place our high target keywords within the right places. We should be careful to not junk e-mail google with keyword overload, therefore it is a significant science.

So with this one you will have to Up skill yourself engage an Search engine optimization copy author to structure your articles to optimise your keyword grunt.

There you have it for today. Help you tomorrow for TIP 5 round the evil duplicate content.

For now Remember… grab yourself inspired by marketing, help you Later.


Download the worksheets from http://world wide

G’day, Dave Inches from Palm Cove with Search engine optimization TIP #2 – Structuring your site pages for search.

When google crawls your site for relevance its searching for any page having a obvious offer that suits the keyword search. In case your managing a hotel as well as your apartment and rooms in hotels are on a single page bing is tracking conflicting keywords, because the consumer is searching for either.

Structure you web site design so each navigation page includes a obvious keyword list, because our goal is rank each page for search, not only the house page.

There you have it for today. Complete your tasks within the video details and prepare for tomorrows session on optimising your website back-finish. For now grab yourself inspired by marketing, I’ll help you later.


Download the worksheets from http://world wide


David Inches from Strahan Village and thanks for visiting Search engine optimization tip #5 eliminating duplicate content.

Our buddies at google just hate duplicate copy, weather it’s by yourself website or on another site its tabo. They are only for circulating original ideas and knowledge so that they snarl at us if we are lazy.

Most of us have copied a paragraph of copy from your website and tried on the extender to have an industry listing, phone book or some listing based website.

Your career here’s simple, determine where your duplicate content lies and avoid it pronto. It will not take lengthy to shape new keyword wealthy content consider getting cracking and take another step towards best practice Search engine optimization.

I am out, help you tomorrow for TIP 6 on understanding how to love video.

For now, grab yourself inspired by marketing. Later


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G’day, I’m David Inches from Inspired by Marketing.Welcome to SEO TIP 3: optimising your website back-end.
A few years ago back-end optimisation the most critical step in SEO but now its about 20% of the job.When google visits your website it’s not only crawling your website for keywords in your copy, it’s looking into the back-end of your site, the space developers live in.Unless you paid for it, your website back-end will not be optimised for search. And unless your keen to spend the time to educate yourself in this field I suggest you engage your web developer.
Be careful, your keyword plan must be perfect before you start back-end SEO. A word of warning, don’t get suckered into a monthly SEO package. Stick with this program and be assured you don’t need them.
That’s it for today, remember get inspired by marketing. Later.


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G’day, I’m David Inches from Crystal Cascades and welcome to SEO tip #9, getting active on social media.
One of the highest influencers on your SEO performance is your activity and responsiveness across social media. It makes perfect sense that google values brands that are sharing relevant content with the world. 
This action isnt about flooding every social channel with mountains of content but sharing interesting and valuable content with your online community. Prepare a simple content plan and posting schedule, invest your time and skills in creating highly engaging, no sell content and share it with your valued consumers.
Google even measures how long you take to respond to messages and reviews online in Facebook and Google reviews so it’s in boots and all, you can’t fake this one.
I’m out for today. See you tomorrow for SEO tip #10 around the importance of online reviews. until then get yourself inspired by marketing. Later.


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G’day I’m David Inches from Cascade Brewery with tip #8, website links. 
This ones pretty simple and one of the original SEO actions. No surprise that Google likes websites of relevance… that link with one another. So consider other websites your users will value and approach them for a simple link you can manage in your content management system.
Be careful, purchasing links is still live but deemed as black – hat,l by google, that’s bad so keep it real.
I’m out for today, see you tomorrow for SEO tip #9 on social media.
until then get yourself inspired by marketing. Later.


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G’day I’m David Inches from country Victoria and welcome to TIP 10, the power of online reviews.
Like the importance of social media for SEO, this also makes sense to me. Google rewards brands who are getting solid online reviews.
It doesn’t matter which platform as google connects your website to every aspect of your business online, I personally encourage reviews on Google Reviews because they own it but reviews on Facebook, LinkedIn or industry sites like Trip Advisor all count to your SEO.
So start encouraging, asking or incentivising online reviews… but don’t buy them or rally your friends, google knows all.
I’m out. See you tomorrow for our final TIP around the role of fresh content. Until then Get yourself inspired by marketing, see you later,


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G’day, David inches from Queenstown with SEO TIP 7, Responsive design websites.
Google made it very clear a few years ago that it would not reward websites that were not mobile friendly, that’s phone and tablet.
Just look at your site on your phone and if you need to squeeze zoom it’s not responsive.
You can’t edit your current site, it’s a rebuild so get comfortable with that, but with WordPress themes the price is well down on years ago.
I’m out, see you tomorrow for tip #8 on website linking… until then get yourself inspired by marketing,  later


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G’day I’m David Inches from Sydney and welcome to SEO tip #6, loving video.
Video is fast becoming consumers medium of choice and google rewards those businesses who embrace the change.
A well scripted 60-90 second video is a cracking tool not only SEO but to increase your conversion to sale.
Upload your video onto YouTube, embed it within your website and share through your social channels.  Remember to add your target keywords in the video title, description and tag list.
I’m out,  see me tomorrow for SEO tip #7 on responsive design… until then get yourself inspired by marketing. later.


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G’day, David Inches from Cradle Mountain with SEO Tip #1.Nailing your keyword plan.

Pin point SEO starts with a rock solid keyword strategy. That is a list of words or word phrases that your customer is searching online.

We are looking for the most relevant list of keywords with the highest search volume.

We also need a keyword list for each website navigation page because each page should have a clear message to google in terms of what its value is to the user.

Only choose around 5-8 keywords per page so your keywords are focused.

So ask your web developer or use the free google keyword tool to set your keyword list.

Getting this right is fundamental to the success of this program so please take the time to get this spot on up front.

Ok, were on our way. See you next time for TIP #2 Site Structure. Until next time… get yourself inspired by marketing