Local SEO Tip: Mobile Photo Swipes on Google My Business (GMB) Listings

How photos in your Google My Business (GMB) listing can have a positive impact on your local SEO efforts. Photos views on your GMB listing creates a lot of pagesviews and increases the “time on site” metric on your GMB listing, which adds more authority to the Google Maps listing for your business. All of this helps to increase your presence in Google local search results and Google Maps.

How to Do SEO Audit in 2019? Website SEO Audit Tips | The Skill Sets

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How to check a website, either it is ready for optimization or not? Watch this video and learn about how to Do SEO Audit to analyse your website, either it is ready to optimization or not. Imran Shafi SEO coach is sharing some professional website SEO Audit Tips, which will make it simple for you to do #SEO Audit in 2019. This video is a great opportunity for you to learn Search Engine Optimization from a professional SEO coach on The Skill Sets.

Here on The Skill Sets, our Team is with an ultimate mission and vision to make you a skilled and professional guy. As regards our SEO trainings and courses, you can learn here about How to do SEO in 2019 and onward. Watch here free #SEOtutorials by Imran Shafi and his team to learn about how to optimize website or how to promote website in Google and other Search Engines.

Doing a comprehensive website audit before starting promotional activities for a website, is very much essential. Basically, an SEO audit refers to the detailed examination of your website with intent to check the overall health of the website and chances for ranking. The parameters, which are analyzed during the audit, will be used to fix the website’s error to make it ready for starting SEO campaign. Common step which are taken during the website audit, given below:

• Website Structure
• Website Content
• Website links – internal and external links
• Website Competitors
• Website Code
• Website health
• Website Crawl errors and issues
• Website #OnpageSEO stats and many others

A successful Audit of the website gives you right direction for your SEO strategy. SEO audit helps you in promoting your website using right SEO tools and technologies.

SEO audit can be conducted in different ways. You can conduct a website’s SEO audit by manually or using SEO Audit Tool. Being capable of doing website SEO audit manually required a lot of professional SEO knowledge, practice and experience, whereas you can perform SEO audit using SEO tools easily. There are a lot of SEO tools and extensions that can be used to conduct SEO audit. Commonly used SEO tools are SEMrush, Woorank, SmallSEOtools and may others.

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Bayu Adi Persada – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) dan Tantangannya | BukaTalks

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Seo tip van de week #2

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Deze week: Google my Business voor online vindbaarheid in jouw regio

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