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Seberapa butuh sih kamu belajar akuntansi dan bisnis? Cek dulu video kita kali ini, dan ikuti terus seris Belajar Bisinis Bersama TemanBisnis. Kalau kamu punya pendapat lain atau jawaban yang lebih menarik, komentar di bawah yaaaa… Yuk, segera download di

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usaha jualan cimol dengan modal kecil bisa untung banyak..hanya saja harus berhati2 dalam membuatnya jangan sembarangan..terutama saat menggorengnya harus extra hati2 agat tidak terjadi hal hal yang tidak diinginkan

Maka dari itu simak vidionya baik2

1/4 tapioka

1/2 sdt garam

1/2 sdt penyedap

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Best Website SEO Tips For Beginners | SEO Tips 2019

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Just when was the final time you didn’t begin a grocery shopping having a Search?

In case your response is anything near to “I can’t remember,” you’re in good company. Each year, over 2.8 trillion searches are created on the internet alone.

A powerful Search engine optimization strategy can help your company generate more leads and obtain discovered by prospective customers.

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SEO Beyond Google: How to Rank On The Best Alternative Search Engine | YouTube SEO

Search engine optimization Beyond Google: How you can Rank Around The Best Alternative Search Engines Like Google YouTube Search engine optimization // Bing is already typically the most popular internet search engine. You know that. Concentrating on Google can drive you a lot of traffic, but are you aware there’s another internet search engine that may drive you a lot of traffic with no, it isn’t Bing. This internet search engine is really effective I am recovering from 100,000 visitors per month consistently out of this internet search engine. Hi, everybody. Today I am likely to discuss Search engine optimization beyond Google, how you can rank around the best alternative internet search engine.

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So you are most likely wondering, what’s this different internet search engine that I am recovering from 100,000 visitors per month and a few several weeks I am recovering from 200,000 visitors per month from? Well, it’s YouTube.

YouTube Search engine optimization is completely diverse from Google. Before I recieve into the best way to rank online, obviously, you realize you are likely to curently have to produce videos, however with YouTube, here’s the factor, Google requires a lengthy time for you to decide who’s ranking on-page one.

YouTube, you are able to rank well for an aggressive keyword like Search engine optimization within 24 to 48 hrs at the very top.

The very first tip I’ve for you personally would be to push the recording as hard as you possibly can within the first 24 hrs.

The large element of YouTube formula is the foremost the recording does within the first 24 hrs, the greater it is going to rank online.

Many people take a look at YouTube and being like, “Huh. It’s most likely like Google. Basically keep optimizing with time, I could rank greater within the rankings.” Eh, less.

It’s more if you do very well within the first 24 hrs, you are likely to constantly fare better within the lengthy haul as well as your ranks are simply likely to shoot to the peak really fast.

The 2nd tip to ranking very well online is just created content you know individuals will love.

And you may finish up happening YouTube, see what’s labored within the space, what has not. You won’t want to produce content that individuals hate if you are ranking very well online and for an entire month you have produced content that individuals hate, your general funnel score decreases and you will find that the rankings, your … the information that’s shared with the browse feature recommended feature, it’ll all start going lower as well as your YouTube funnel will begin dwindling.

The following tip I’ve for you personally would be to upload an SRT file online.

You are thinking, “Hey, YouTube can instantly add closed captions. Why should i upload an SRT file?” Well, here’s the factor.

A SRT file informs YouTube that this is exactly what the recording is actually about. They already know when they use their machine learning bot that yeah, they are able to translate what your video is on, but they are still might be some errors and it is not perfect.

Whenever you upload an SRT file by hand, you’ll find that you’ll rank greater and you may go to sites like, have an SRT file and upload it.

Another quick tip for YouTube would be to upload SRT files in various languages.

YouTube is looking to get more competitive within the U . s . States, however it is not that competitive overseas yet. It is popular. So make certain that if you have a relevant video, translate and transcribe it, upload the SRT file.

When you accomplish that, your rankings will increase with time, particularly in individuals regions where it isn’t competitive and it is easy quick traffic. When you do all that, I really want you to mind to Ubersuggest, enter in the keywords that you would like to position for.

Now your description should not you need to be a paragraph. The more your description is, presuming it is extremely valuable towards the user, what you will find is you’ll rank well for more keywords and you may include these keywords within the tags in various places online, what I discovered may be the longer your description from the video, the greater from you are.

And finally, whatever your video’s on, make certain you state that word in your video. Therefore if my videos on Search engine optimization, I continuously say Search engine optimization inside my video.

If my video is on search engines like google, I’ll constantly repeat the word search engines like google. Whether it’s on pet food, you repeat the word pet food, whatever it might be.

YouTube searches for what you are saying, not only in the SRT file, however they attempt to decipher it by themselves.

If you are saying the best keywords multiple occasions, consider keyword density, they already know that video’s with that subject. You are more likely to position greater, too.

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Belajar SEO YouTube Untuk Pemula

Belajar Search engine optimization YouTube untuk pemula, adalah salah satu tutorial yang memperkenalkan optimasi Search engine optimization kepada YouTuber pemula, bahwa betapa besarnya manfaat Search engine optimization YouTube terhadap kemampuan daya saing suatu konten video dengan video-video lain sejenis.

Search engine optimization tips ini merupakan bagian dari langkah dasar belajar Search engine optimization untuk pemula dalam melakukan optimasi video, diharapkan memiliki nilai lebih dari hasil pencarian pada mesin pencari YoiTube.

Pengertian Search engine optimization YouTube Untuk Pemula :

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SEO INSTAGRAM – Cara Optimasi Akun Jualan Di Instagram

Cara membuat search engine optimization instagram, untuk mengoptimalkan akun jualan

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Mimpi Jokowi RI jadi Pusat Industri Mobil Listrik

Presiden Jokowi berkomitmen untuk menjadikan Indonesia sebagai pusat industri mobil listrik karena dapat memproduksi baterai litium untuk kendaraan tersebut. Pasalnya Jokowi bertekad menjadikan Indonesia sebagai pusat bagi industri mobil listrik. Hal ini menjadi salah satu strategi bisnis negara yang akan digarap ke depan.

Selengkapnya dalam program Closing Bell CNBC Indonesia (Kamis, 28/11/2019) berikut ini.

Terus ikuti berita ekonomi bisnis dan analisis mendalam hanya di https://world wide

CNBC Indonesia terafiliasi dengan CNBC Internasional dan beroperasi di bawah grup Transmedia dan tergabung bersama Trans TV, Trans7, Detikcom, Transvision, CNN Indonesia dan CNN

CNBC Indonesia dapat dinikmati melalui tayangan Transvision funnel 805 atau streaming melalui aplikasi CNBC Indonesia yang dapat di download di playstore atau iOS.

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Ada Yang Mau Belajar Bisnis?!!!!

Karena sekarang lagi nge HITS banget bisnis online jadi semangat banget join kelas admin online, biar dapet ilmunya para mastah yang udah duluan sukses berniaga di dunia digital.

Naaahh ini dia suasana kelas yang saya ikuti, belajar bisnis online bareng temen-temen yang passion nya juga udah sama banget, jadi satu frekwensi kita.

o iya kalian udah tau belum legging wudhu? tau gak apa itu legging wudhu? kalau yang mau tau info tentang legging wudhu boleh ya langsung cari infonya di sini :


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Di Video ini saya membongkar cara bagaimana cara meningkatkan orderan penjualan online di marketplace shopee, dengan cara menambah folowers melalui iklan toko + voucer ikutin toko shopee.

trick ini ampuh untuk dropshiper atau supplier di marketplace untuk menambah penjualan agar lebih sukses dalam berjualan online di marketplace.

semoga video ini bermanfaat , yang belum folow akun saya silahkan di folow.

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Jika ada pertanyaan silahkan tulis di kolom komentar…

enjoy watching !!!! semoga teman – teman bisa sukses !! amin..

Ide Bisnis & Peluang Usaha ala Pak Poniman, Dari Tukang Jualan Keliling jadi Pengusaha Sukses

Lagi cari ide bisnis menjanjikan dan menguntungkan?

Mau bangun usaha sampingan yang menjanjikan?

Atau sekedar mau cari peluang usaha sampingan dengan modal kecil tapi untung besar?

Mau trik dan tips bisnis yang kekinian? Tonton videonya sampai habis ya!

yang mau pesan cutting interior / eksterior bisa langsung ke architecture cutting ke nomer berikut.

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